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:Welcome to medias Inc Sleep Medicine Services:

MEDIAS, Inc. Sleep Medicine Services began in 1993 as the vision of registered respiratory therapist Camden J. McLaughlin. He saw an emerging need for independent, personalized testing in the sleep medicine field. With this in mind, he opened the first testing center in Blacksburg, VA, and soon expanded to neighboring communities. MEDIAS, Inc. now serves locations in Central and Southwest Virginia, Northeast Tennessee, North Carolina and West Virginia, and although the company has grown, our emphasis remains, as it has always been, on patient-centered, compassionate care.

:What Makes Us Unique:


:Our Services:

At MEDIAS, Inc. Sleep Medicine Services, we provide for our patients not only state-of-the-art testing services, but also the most comfortable and considerate care possible.

All of our sleep centers, both independent and hospital-based, are designed to mimic the “home” environment as closely as possible. This home-like atmosphere allows for the most accurate testing possible with the least stress and discomfort for the patient.

Our facilities are also designed to accommodate all patients, regardless of any existing physical condition or disability. Our technologists are sensitive to our patients’ needs and will gladly assist in any way that is needed.

MEDIAS, Inc. Sleep Medicine Services offers complete overnight testing for the most common types of sleep disorders including sleep apnea, narcolepsy, restless leg syndrome and insomnia. All of our testing includes EEG, EKG, oximetry, and monitoring of limb movements.

Medias Sleep Services

Common Treaments Evaluatioin - Refarral
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:Common Disorders:

Common Disorders
There are many sleep disorders that interfere with an individual’s ability to experience healthy and restful sleep...

:Common Treatments:

Common Treatments
Treatment for sleep disorders differs depending on each particular diagnosis. The most common treatment for sleep apnea is CPAP...

:Evaluation - Referral:

Evaluation - Referral
If you feel that you or a loved one may have a sleep disorder, beginning the test procedure is simple...

:Frequently asked questions:

Frequently Asked Questions
Find anwers to the most common questions concerning sleep disorders and the testing process...

:Take our SLEEP QUIZ:

Sleep Quiz
Take our quick, simple quiz to determine if you may have the most common sleep disorder, sleep apnea...
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